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21 février 2019

Starving For Harveys Game


Are you hungry? Even if you're not, then, as the authors from All Slots casino review platform, you will be starving after playing "Harveys" slot with all the food symbols merging in front of you. Fancy a delicious piece of a blueberry cheesecake? Or maybe a perfectly cooked lobster? Don't hesitate to check if "Harveys" suits your taste.

"Harveys" is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot from Microgaming studios. Generally, it is inspired by food, and more specifically - by the restaurant. Both the slot's looks and soundtrack seem a bit old-fashioned. In the background you can hear the sounds of a busy restaurant, everything else is just a little twist on the classic slot machine sounds. "Harveys" uses such symbols as the picture of the handsome gentleman, mints, soups, lobsters, champagne bottles, snails, cheesecakes and the classic A, K, Q, J, 10.

"Harveys"'s creators provided a set of special features to make the slot more entertaining as well as more profitable for the players.

Special Treats

An American-smiled gentleman serves as a Wild symbol in "Harveys" slot. When taking part in a winning combination – it animates showing different cooking techniques. For example, you can see him flipping a pancake above his head or pouring cognac over a dish to flambe it – with what result – spin and see.

There is a Scatter symbol represented by the after-meal mints that animate when hit a winning combination. Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet staked and are added to the payline wins.

When an image of a champagne bottle appears on the reels number 2 and 4, it means you were lucky enough to trigger the Free Spin feature. You can be awarded up to 30 Free Spins with a maximum of 25x multiplier.

You have a chance of multiplying any prize in the optional Gamble round. The goal is to correctly guess the color of a face-down card to double the prize or the suit in order to quadruple it. You can keep guessing until the gamble limit is reached or, of course, if you wanted to venture your prize just once – you would be able to collect it without further risk in a Gamble round.

You don't have to make reservations to play "Harveys" slot - just like Anthony Bourdain. What's more, "Harveys" probably will be the first restaurant where you don't have to pay for anything – you get the money there! Bon appetit!

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12 février 2019

Enchanted Garden Slot Is Here To Enchant You


Among all the options of free casino slots online today you will get a welcome to a mysterious and clandestine world of Enchanted Garden slot game. Believe it or not, tiny fairies and noble unicorns live on 5 reels and 20 paylines of this fairy-tale RTG slot machine. Being the worthy example of the mystery-based games from other slots providers, Enchanted Garden slot looks nice and plays well both on desktops and mobile devices (BlackBerry users, for example, can easily estimate all its beauty and winning potential). We also invite everyone to test the slot for real cash on trusted sites, such as Raging Bull online gambling portal.

Under the Cover of Trees and Flowers

Who has cast the spell on this garden? We do not know. But of what we are sure about is that the Fairy rules there now. She flies with Butterflies or rides Unicorns. The Fairy also does not mind wearing Jewels of various types and bathing in the Magic Fountain. Shining A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 card symbols are also hiding in this enchanted place. We would rather add more theme-related icons instead of these letters and numbers, but it is only our opinion.

Magic Characters with Bonus Powers

Our cute Fairy becomes even more important while performing her Wild-symbol task. She can land everywhere except the 1st reel, substitute symbols, and complete winning combinations. An extra Fairy Wild bonus is the 2x payout multiplier that springs into action each time the Wild completes a winning combo. The only icon the Fairy Wild symbol has no power to substitute the Garden Scatter symbol.

On the other hand, the Fairy Wild and the Garden Scatter icons work perfectly when they land on reels 5 and 1 simultaneously. The result is the bonus feature consisting of 7 Free Spins with the cool 3x multiplier of every win. Attentive players will not ignore the appearance of Firefly symbols in the other icons’ background during free spins. You would better watch them because three and more of these Fireflies that land during the feature will give you 3 extra free spins each. The con is you have no chance to retrigger the feature during free spins.

Line Bets and Other Features

Do you know it is possible to win up to 50,000 coins in Enchanted Garden slot? Theoretically, everything can happen there. When you manage to form a combination of 5 Unicorn symbols completed by the Fairy Wild icon, you can grab the cool prize. The Unicorn symbols combo pays 5,000 for five icons and the Fairy Wild symbols come with the 2x multiplier. The simple math proves such a huge win is very likely.

The slot is able to pay even more when you strike the Progressive Jackpot. This prize is of the random nature and it can be yours after any spin. Some other RTG slots share this Random Progressive Jackpot feature.

Players with different betting preferences will estimate the bets’ choice of this game. The limits vary from 0.20 to 100 coins for the activation of all 20 paylines. Thus, penny and dollar slots enthusiasts can adjust their best according to the budget while spinning the reels of this game. Add to this the nice Enchanted Garden slot’s design, the intuitive gameplay, and good prizes. It is worth entering the Fairy’s garden right now.

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06 février 2019

Casino Sign Up Bonus: All Your Questions About Bonuses Answered


I know there are a lot of you who have questions regarding a casino sign up bonus. A casino sign up bonus is a popular way to market a virtual casino. A casino sign up bonus attracts players to enter and play in a virtual casino. A casino sign up bonus is also great because it adds cash to your deposit. So, it will serve you best if you choose the best virtual casino like Bodog Casino with the most compelling sign-up bonus. A casino sign up bonus gives a significant edge to a player and can make a difference between a winning player and a loser.

If you are a beginner in online gaming, a casino sign up bonus allows you to practice your game and get a feel of your favorite online games without draining your casino bank account. Even frequent players can benefit from a casino sign up bonus because online casinos would usually give patrons bonuses to entice them to keep on playing.

Here are several questions online casino players may have regarding a casino sign up bonus, so here are my answers:

Casino sign up bonus question #1: Just how huge can a free online bonus be?

Usually, a bonus will be the percentage amount based on the deposit you make. So, for example, you decide to put in the US $200 and the casino said it will offer a 10 percent bonus, you can get the extra US $20. The more generous casinos (and there are really virtual casinos who are generous) will give you up to a 200 percent bonus to first time players! There are even online casinos who offer over thousands in casino bonuses. So, you can deposit US$100 and you will get US$200 in virtual chips which you can use for any game you like.

Casino sign-up bonus question # 2: Am I allowed to withdraw my winnings plus the casino bonus offered?

The best thing to do is to check the terms and condition of the online casino site you are joining BEFORE signing up. This is the best way to protect yourself. Now, the essential element in withdrawing your online casino winnings together with your bonus is you have to meet the online casino’s wagering requirements. These wagering requirements protect casinos from going bankrupt because it prevents players from walking away with just the free online bonus.

An example is when you placed US$ 100 in deposit and the casino offers you a US$ 200 sign up bonus. The casino will then ask for a 5x wagering requirement deal. So, that will mean if the casino gave you a bonus of 200%, you would need to place a 5 x US$ 200 wager. So, that’s a total of US $1000. That US$1000 will have to be placed on bets.

Now, the ideal scenario would be if, for example, you lost US$ 100 after putting the US$1000 casino bets required, you can still play with the US$200 bonus you received. If you are skilled and lucky enough to win the games, then you will be able to use that casino bonus to your advantage.

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04 février 2019

5 Tips To Play Slots For Money Smart



Online slots per se are a thrill for anyone to play. The game concept is loved by all best Toronto casino operators, and it offers instant pleasure for players, especially for those with short attention spans, this type of game fits the bill.

Traditionally, most players would walk into a gaming hall or casino to enjoy these slots but with the advent of technology, these thrills can now be satisfied online. Numerous online casinos and gambling sites can now meet the urges of a gambler at home.

Despite the growing number of addictive gamblers and the negative effects associated with the slots, it should not be a deterrent for those who gamble occasionally. Here are 5 tips on how to play real money slots smart:

Play the slots you personally understand

Many people just walk up to a slot machine and start plunking down their coins and hope for the jackpot. There are many different types of slot games such as classic, 5-reels, progressive, and many more. Each game is designed with different rules and winning combinations. If one is not familiar with that particular game rules then one might end up disappointed.

Check your finances

Although the thrill of playing can be addictive, make sure that you have a low budget for the slots and are in control of your finances. There are some machines that promise a high payout but the coins or amount required to play may be higher. Some machines charge up to a dollar or more to play, whereas some only charge a quarter.

Play slot machines that have large payouts or jackpots

Online casinos generally have larger payouts than land-based casinos because of less overhead costs to consider. Online casinos usually have a small number of employees to control rather than a live one which may house dozens. For those players that are looking for an edge, this may be it.

Stick to one machine at a time Many people believe that playing two machines at the same time is a sure way to win. Some people even think that they may be able to win the jackpot twice. In live casinos, this way of playing is avoided because what a player may win in one slot machine, may lose in the other.

Increase your bets when winning

A good rule which slot gurus follow is to increase the amount or number of bets once the winning streak sets in. More often than not, it increases the stakes and allows the player to maximize on the winnings. However, in a losing streak, minimize the bets to keep losses to the minimum.

Never bet big on a losing streak

These tips are designed to help those who would like to venture into the playing field of Slot machines but not to follow verbatim. Play the games and find the ones that suit your mood and temperament.

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23 janvier 2019

Figuring Out Online Casino Banking Methods


In order to enjoy the full benefits of online casinos, players must be able to move funds to and from the casino. This is done by making use of each online casino banking options. Such methods will always vary from one casino to the next and might be different for new Pragmatic Play casinos, so it’s important to make sure you will have at least one viable method of making deposits and withdrawals at an internet casino before you bother signing up.

In this section, we’ll detail some of the more common methods of deposits and withdrawals.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit and debit card deposits are the most preferred of all money transfer methods at online casino sites. Just about every online casino accepts credit card deposit, and usually debit card deposits as well. They are instant and incredibly convenient for most regions of the world. US players have been known to have trouble depositing via credit/debit card ever since the UIGEA prohibited financial transaction between US players and offshore online casinos. Credit/Debit cards are generally less accepted as withdrawal methods. MasterCard does not accept withdrawals at all, while Visa will often permit a withdrawal so long as it does not exceed that original deposit amount. For instance, you deposit $100, you win $200, you will only be able to withdrawal 100 through Visa; the remainder must be withdrawn in some other way.

Online Payment Processors

Another common purchase method for casino players is an online payment processor. There are plenty of these companies on the Internet, like NETeller, Moneybookers, PayPal, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, eWalletXpress, EcoCard, the list goes on. Like opening an online bank account, players can register with a free, secure payment processor and upload funds directly to that site via credit/debit card or direct bank account linking. These funds can then be transferred instantly to an online casino account. Online payment processors are most often used as the preferred withdrawal method for players who have deposited in this manner.

Instant Check / E-Check

This deposit method is heavily favored by US players at online casinos. Just like a paper check, the player fills in the same details, but over the internet. Because the online casino can use the routing code and bank account # to immediately check on the availability of the funds. So long as the funds are there, the online casino will approve the deposit right away, giving you instant access to the deposit for use in the casino, even though the casino will not actually receive the funds for around 10 business days. Some online casinos will provide E-checks as a withdrawal method, but this they are much less common.

Bank Transfer

Another casino banking option is to send the funds directly from your bank to the bank of the internet casino. This is often referred to as a wire transfer. You’ll have to get the casino’s banking info from the casino itself, then contact your bank to facilitate the deposit, which could take a few business days to become accessible in your casino account. The opposite method is used to withdrawal via bank transfer. Note that there are often sizable fees associated with bank wire transfers, though sometimes the online casino will cover the cost if the deposit/withdrawal is large enough.

Cash Transfers

Cash Transfers are processed through companies like Western Union and MoneyGram. You’ll first have to get the appropriate information from the online casino, then head to the nearest cash transfer agent and make the deposit. Note this can often be done online as well. Once completed, get the transaction ID, date/time of the deposit and exact amount. Send this info to the virtual casino and they will confirm the transfer. Your funds should be available in about 10 minutes or so. Some gaming sites will allow cash transfers as a withdrawal method, but like bank wires, they can be costly. When the deposit/withdrawal is large enough, it can be worth it.

Bank Draft/Money Order/Paper Check

Finally, you can always toss a check in the mail and wait for the funds to become available in your online casino account. This is one of the most secure methods out there, but also the most time-consuming. You must wait for the mail to arrive, then for the check to clear. In the case of bank drafts and money orders, the transfer is faster since there’s no clearance time. Check withdrawals are also extremely popular, especially for US players. Though it can take an up to few weeks, they are very secure, and won’t be denied for processing.

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14 janvier 2019

Choosing The Best Online Casino Software

casino providers


Choosing the best online casino that will suit your gaming taste and skills is not an easy task to decide. Many things should be considered since you are looking for entertainment in the comfort zone of your home. One of these things is looking for the best online casino software that will give you satisfaction in playing such casino games.

Playing in online casinos is not just looking for the many bonuses offered by a casino portal but also looking for the best entertainment that one portal can give to a player. Online casino software’s such as Microgaming, Playtech, and Cryptologic is one of the most considered software’s that are being utilized by many casino websites. Since that the software of Yukon Gold casino Canada definitely gives the best graphics as though a real casino has gone straight to your home with just one click of your fingertips.

Today, there are literally thousands of online casinos to choose from, but not all of them are legitimate casino portals. Some of them are just big scams that try to rob players earned money. To be able to determine whether one casino portal is a legal one, do research on each and every casino software offer online. Consider many things such as the legalization of the software, is it licensed or not and also the company that makes the software, etc.

Also, many online casino software’s might like to be a user-friendly but once used you’ll say that it is not. Do a test on that casino portal by playing for free on it. Casinos that are user-friendly are the one which many players are preferring of, for them to feel the intensity of playing like in a real casino table.

Many casino software’s offers a big advantage to a player. Such an advantage is giving the player the best illusion of control to a specific game of choice. But also, one player can get the risk of playing such casino software in the house.

Since casino players are in fond of looking for a casino portal that gives the best online casino gaming, it is very advisable to them to choose the best online casino software that will give them the feeling of fantasy and imagination in playing in a real casino room whether they are new or old players. Best online casinos are those that provide the best casino software, always go with the top class software to be able to feel the excitement of every game of choice.

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05 janvier 2019

Fighting For Legal Online Casinos And Poker Rooms Continues

legal online casino

Recent legislation over the past 2 years has made playing real money casino or poker games online completely legal in the states of Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. It is only a matter of time before several other states add to this growing chorus of discourse over the federal government's prohibition of online gaming. And by doing so they will not only grant their residents a chance to enjoy Leo Vegas casino online, but they will also gain more than they can even imagine.

For many years, the states complained because they could not get a piece of the online gambling pie since there was no federal regulatory body that oversaw the online casinos and poker rooms. All they could do was watch while companies outside of the grasp of the US government went away with all of the profits at the expense of the land-based casinos which these states had licensed and regulated.

The federal government’s solution to this problem was to try to kick the legs out from under these offshore websites by cutting off their source of funding and taking away their .com domain names. As far legislation that was passed on a federal level, only the feeble UIGEA law that was enacted in 2006 made any attempt to control the online gaming community. This law did nothing to say which activities were illegal, only that “Unlawful internet gambling” was now prohibited.

The other countries around the world have sought to regulate these establishments, but the US government did what it knows best … to create a prohibition that doesn’t work and then ignore the issue. The states that have passed legislation have seen what most reasonable people have known … that there is no meat behind the prohibition and no just cause to continue to further it. Therefore, these states have created their own laws that legalize and regulates online gaming within their state.

Legal Places to Play for Real Money

The majority of the push back against the federal government has been from the online poker community. These are the people who want to know where to play online poker for real money since it is not a crime in many states and jurisdictions. There are still some sites that operate outside of the United States that pander to Americans; but in order to play these games completely legally, you have to be within the borders of the states of New Jersey, Delaware or Nevada.

New Jersey

New Jersey has regulated websites for both poker and casino games. There are currently 7 sites that have been regulated by the state. The most popular of these is the Party Borgata brand that includes two popular websites: and These sites combine for about 500 real money poker players and an equal number of online casino players. These numbers may seem low, but you have to take into account that these sites have only been open since November and there have been a few lingering problems such as geolocation of players near the state’s borders and payments not being processed by banks and credit card companies.

Other sites include (poker only), (poker only),,, and These sites all have a limited number of players and a lot of the regulations and bureaucracy must improve before these legal sites start to get the number of players that they desire.


Nevada has only passed legislation that legalizes online poker. This law states that the players must be able to be geolocated within the jurisdictions within the state of Nevada that allows online poker to be played (primarily Las Vegas and Reno). There have only been three sites that have been regulated by the state of Nevada. and were the first two sites and have also been regulated by New Jersey. However, the player pools for the two states must remain separate in order to placate the federal laws. is a website that is strictly based in Nevada and should be coming out with real money poker soon.


Delaware has passed legislation to regulate online poker and casino games. The three sites that are currently regulated are all land-based casinos within the state of Delaware:,, and These three sites have online gaming that is provided by 888 Holdings and the players at the poker tables are part of the 888 Delaware poker network.

Passing future legislation

There’s no easy way to put this. The politicians don’t view this as an important topic. There have been some talks of regulating online gaming sites in important states such as California and New York, but these talks haven’t produced anything significant yet. If you would like to see legislation passed to legalize online gaming, you have to write to your local elected officials and ask them to pass such legislation.

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11 décembre 2018

Fairy Genies Touch Slot Game by Quickspin

Fairy Genies Touch Slot Game by Quickspin

Magicians, wizards and sorcerers of the whole world gathered in the new online slot machine, created be the Quickspin software company. The video slot Genies Touch was created under the influence of eastern motifs. Almost everyone remembers the magic stories from the collection of fairy-tales One thousand and one nights, and this slot will introduce you a fascinating story with your favorite and famous characters. You will be able to have a trip to the magic world, a world where everything is possible and all your wishes may come true. The gamblers will show a real wisdom if they choose the Genies Touch slot for their entertainment and the profit. If you are tired on mindless cuteness and comfort of Casumo Slots, try to visit Dunder gambling site to enjoy the beautiful eastern story presented in the slot, which will delight you by the colorful picture and the interesting game feature. In addition, we think that the raised Eastern wealth will definitely satisfy you.

Genies Touch slot – it is a slot that has 5 reels and 20 active paylines. The rates for these lines are always equal, and the range from 0.20 to EUR 100.00. It will contain all gamblers who want to play for real money. You have great opportunities to win with the 96.9 RTP percentage and as a result get your payout up to x250 your stake per spin.

Opening the Genies Touch slot, players enter the luxurious eastern palace. As basic items used in this game, there are four main characters from these tales and five multi-colored gemstones. An unusual background melody just emphasizes the atmosphere.

Now, what about slot features? Here we have:

Wild Symbol – these symbols stand in for all symbols, but the Bonus Scatter.
Magic Lamps – can arrive in a base game or during free spins. Collecting 3 and more Magic Lamps elements initiate the Genies Touch feature.
Bonus Scatter – collected 3 Bonus elements on one spin will activate 10 free spins.
Genies Touch Feature – as I a fairy-tale, a genie girl shows up from the lamp and pointing to one of the symbols, magically turns some other elements into this symbol. Thus, the number of winning combination increases.
It is Time to Rub the Lamp
There are a lot of advantages in this slot: impressive graphics, a colorful design, and the variety of gaming features. The mystery of the Arabian nights and the treasures of the Ali Baba cave are already waiting for you. All you need is to run the Genies Touch casino slot and to go to a faraway town in search of that Aladdin lamp and catch your luck.

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05 décembre 2018

Most Asked Questions About Online Gambling


How do I begin playing at an online casino?
Simply enter an online casino site and follow the instructions to open a new account which includes entering some basic user information. If you are not sure which casino to choose, you can look for reviews or look for a review for one particular casino like Grand Mondial casino review. The reviews will tell you about the casino, how it works, etc. Some casinos may have software which you’ll need to download as well.

Almost all online casinos encourage new users, especially novice players, so the registration and setup process is typically simple and very straightforward. After, setting up your account you’ll be ready to play!

Can I play casino games for free?
Yes. Most online casinos will either require you to download software to play their games or will let you gamble using a flash/shockwave enabled browser. Regardless, most casinos will give you the opportunity to try out the games for free if you didn’t mean to gamble for real money. Typically, you can choose to deposit money into an account at any time you want.

How can I make a deposit into my account?
Top notch casinos allow most major forms of payment methods. Money can be deposited into your account by way of credit cards, checks, money orders, cashiers checks, wire transfers, e-wallets like PayPal and even online banking services. However, each online casino will have its own preferred methods of depositing money.

How do I withdraw money from my casino account?
Typically, money can be withdrawn from your casino account through many different services including checks (regular mail or overnight), Western Union, wire transfer, bank transfer, transfer through various online financial intermediaries, e-wallets, or placed back on the credit card you used to open the account.

Is my personal data secure?
Yes. Online casinos are regulated through very strict confidentiality laws and use effective firewalls and encryption. Therefore, your identity, personal information, and credit card information are kept extremely secure and confidential.

How do I know the casino games are not rigged?
Most online casinos are audited by independent accounting firms like eCOGRA who verify that the random number generator is, in fact, producing random outcomes for cards and dice, and also verify that claimed payouts are correct. Further, most online casinos use third parties to run simulations of all games in order to verify the randomness of the outcomes. Online casinos usually display their accreditations on their website to give players more comfort in their credibility.

Can I have an account at several casinos?
Yes. There is no limit to the number of accounts you can have at the same time.

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19 novembre 2018

A Quick Rundown About Video Pocker


Video Poker machines are favored by a lot of devoted casino gamers. With the introduction of online casinos, there are lots of players learning the basics of video poker rules, and discovering just how exciting these games can be.

Poker and video poker are very similar, with the obvious difference being that you are not competing with any other real players and you can go and use no download video poker machine games instead of waiting for other people to gather up and play. Instead of getting the “best hand”, it’s your goal to get a “good enough” hand to get a payout.

If you like to play poker-oriented card games but have never tried the electronic, single-player version, please continue reading to learn the rules of video poker.

The object in video poker is to achieve a hand that is strong enough to provoke a winning payout. For example, in “Jacks Or Better”, you need at least a Pair of “Jacks” to signal a win, “Or Better” to get a higher win.

Minimum Hand Requirements & Payouts

All video poker variants have different winning hand requirements and payouts. You can find the exact requirements of all winning combinations and payouts by clicking the video poker “Rules” button. However, most video poker machines will display the entire payout schedule directly on the machine's interface.

In general, the easier it seems to hit a strong hand, the higher the minimum winning hand requirement will be. For example, a video poker game with the wild cards, such as “Deuces Wild”, is not going to pay out for a Pair, no matter how high that pair is. You’ll need to get at least a Three of a Kind to win.

Also, note that the minimum hand is not going to make you a profit. The lowest paying hand will always return your original bet.

How To Play
Playing video poker is as simple as pressing, or clicking, a series of buttons. First, you will place a bet by using the Coin Denomination Arrows. Press the left arrow to lower the price of each coin, or the right arrow to increase the price of each coin. You are usually able to insert anywhere from 1 to 5 coins per play, so keep this in mind when choosing a coin size.

Press the Bet button to insert 1 coin. You may press the Bet button again to continue betting more coins, up to the maximum bet allowed. If you wish to bet the full amount of coins, simply press Bet Max.

Pressing Bet Max will automatically deal the cards. Otherwise, when you’ve placed your desired bet, click the Draw button.

Your cards will appear on the screen. Beneath each card is a Hold button. Press this button under each card you wish to keep. The word HOLD will appear on each card you’ve chosen to keep. When you are ready to discard all other cards, to be replaced by new ones, press Draw.

Your new hand is revealed. If you have a winning combination, you will be paid according to the payout chart on the video poker machine. If the winning combinations are displayed at the top of the machine, your winning hand and payout rate will be highlighted to show you what you’ve won.

Repeat the process to continue playing…

Multi-Hand Video Poker
Some video poker machines come in multi-hand play, meaning you can play more than one poker hand in a single turn. When you play multi-hand video poker, be careful how much you choose to wager, as your bet is actually multiplied by the number of hands being played.

In multi-hand video poker, you are dealt a single hand, which is played in the same manner as single-hand video poker games. However, when you discard and draw new cards, they are dealt out to as many hands as you have laid to play.

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